what happens during confinement?

I had to move to a new rental

Eric Allouche, executive director of ERA Immobilier, answers our questions.

What should you do with the owner?

Éric Allouche: Better to think before you do what you want to do: stay in the place or move. If you decide to stay in the premises, you will need to obtain an agreement from the owner and maintain your comprehensive home insurance.

Can I continue to occupy the accommodation, what documents to ask the owner?

Éric Allouche: If you intend to continue occupying the accommodation and delay your departure, it will be necessary to confirm with the owner, in writing, this maintenance and its precise duration.

Please note that this will not only be a request to the owner. It will be imperative to obtain the lessor’s written agreement on this extension in order not to be considered an occupant “without rights or title”.

Obviously the rent as well as the charges must be paid during this time and the deposit cannot be returned. In the application, the previously concluded lease should be targeted in order to avoid a possible misunderstanding regarding the absence of a new lease. If necessary, a new extension may be carried out in the same manner.

When leaving the accommodation, an inventory must of course be carried out. Better to go through a professional who will carry out or help you carry out these procedures in complete safety.

Can the landlord increase the rent during this occupation period?

Click here to read more“data-reactid =” 29 “> Éric Allouche: The owner will not be able to increase the rent because the lease as well as all its provisions will be, in this case, extended for the Click here to read more