Société Générale has not given up on the idea of ​​putting Jérôme Kerviel at the cash desk. According to 20 Minutes, the bank would still hope to recover the damages owed to it by the former trader since 2016. The Versailles Court of Appeal had at the time lowered the note from 4.9 billion euros to 1 million euros , believing that Jérôme Kerviel was only “partially responsible for the damage caused to Société Générale”.

Since then, the former trader has never been able to pay off this debt, which now amounts to around 1.14 million euros, with legal interest. In January 2017, Société Générale had the content of its accounts seized. And she is now interested in her new activities and the remuneration that goes with it. She also sent a letter to this effect to Jérôme Kerviel’s lawyer after the latter’s recent statements. On July 8, he spoke before the National Assembly’s commission of inquiry concerning the obstacles to the independence of the judiciary.

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No comments from both camps

He had been questioned on this occasion about his professional activities. “I am a consultant. Roughly speaking, I have a consulting and networking activity. And conference, ”replied Jérôme Kerviel, according to comments reported by 20 Minutes. Contacted by the media, the lawyers of Société Générale and the former trader did not wish to comment on this information. The main interested party has reacted on Twitter, not fooled by the bank’s strategy. “Is there not a link with my recent statements before the parliamentary commission of inquiry on the obstacles to the independence of the judiciary? # PlusC c’estGrosPlusÇaPasse”, wrote Jérôme Kerviel.

In 2016, he considered “not owe anything to Société Générale” following the decision of the Versailles Court of Appeal, underlined L’Note. In 2019, he said to a business club from the North: “Today, as soon as I touch a euro, it is to Société Générale that it comes back”, according to comments reported by The voice of the North. His former employer does not seem to intend to give him any present here.

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