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Ethiopia: militiamen from Tigray accused of killing at least 600 civilians

Rebel forces in Tigray killed at least 600 civilians on November 9 in Mai Kadra, Tigray, a breakaway region in northern Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Commission on Tuesday said. Human Rights. An independent Ethiopian public institution accuses the Tigrayan militiamen of being behind an “atrocious massacre”. At least 600 civilians were reportedly killed on November 9 in Mai Kadra, in the dissident region of northern Ethiopia, the organization said on Tuesday (November 24th). The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC), administratively independent but whose director, Daniel Bekele, was appointed by the Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, accuses in a report an informal militia of young Tigrayans and the security forces loyal to the local authorities, of being the authors of the “carnage” targeting non-Tigrayan seasonal workers. Amnesty International had previously reported that “probably hundreds” of civilians were stabbed or ax-killed on November 9 in Mai Kadra. According to the organization, this is the deadliest known atrocity since the start, on November 4, of the military operation launched by the federal government against the authorities of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Seasonal farmers targeted In its report, the EHRC accuses a militia called “Samri”, supported by local security forces loyal to the TPLF, of having, “before withdrawing in the face of the advance of the federal army,” targeted seasonal peasants “identified as of Amhara and Wolkait ethnicity”, working in sesame or sorghum farms. “Throughout the night”, the perpetrators killed with sticks, knives, machetes or hatchet, or “by strangling with ropes”, engaging in looting and destruction, describes the EHRC, which believes that these facts “are likely to constitute crimes against humanity and war crimes.” witnesses and members of the committee set up to bury the victims, “the EHRC is time that at least 600 civilians were killed, “but” the toll could be higher, with some people still missing during the EHRC visit and bodies still hidden in plain sight in the fields around Mai Kadra More than 40,000 Ethiopians on the run “The burial (of the victims) lasted three days due to the disparity between the high number of bodies and the burial capacity,” according to its report. The UN has called for an independent investigation to determine what exactly happened in Mai Kadra, while Tigray is subject to a blackout and journalists’ travel is severely restricted.> See also: After Ethiopia’s ultimatum to the rebels in Tigray, the UN warns of the fate of civilians. Without commenting on the perpetrators of the “massacre”, Amnesty cited testimonies attributing it to pro-TPLF forces. However, residents of Mai Kadra, having fled the fighting into Sudan along with 40,000 other Ethiopians, accused government forces of committing atrocities in the area. With hooly News