During the period of containment, the food bank maintained distributions, often with more beneficiaries, but it was not always able to restock, resulting in its stocks being over 60% used.

The Vienna Food Bank needs donations and food stocks. During the period of confinement, she continued to function, even distributing much more food than usual, as many people found themselves in difficulty.

During the confinement, we distributed without counting, it was necessary.

Annie Héquet, President of the Food Bank of Vienne

The population of usual food aid recipients increased from March to May. Homeless people, travelers, students came to fill the queues, we had to feed them, distribute meals and draw on stocks. The problem is that at the same time, the daily collections from supermarkets could not take place normally, because the volunteers, people who were often retired and therefore at risk, could no longer go out. At the end of this particular period, inventories were down 60%.

Food distributions must continue

Food distributions must continue

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Solidarity is organized

Yet solidarity continued to be expressed. The town hall of Poitiers for example provided during confinement three municipal workers and six people in civic service to compensate for the absence of volunteers. The city also bought back unsold goods from the markets to give them back to the Food Bank. The canteens of schools were also generous, when the establishments closed, the heads of the kitchens donated their stocks to the association. The department of Vienne has increased its subsidy to the food bank by 50%. The Nouvelle Aquitaine region has paid an exceptional subsidy to help feed the foreign students who remained on campus. Aid from Europe continued and the state made additional payments. Despite all this, the food bank is today in an unprecedented situation:

For the first time in 35 years, we will have to buy food.

Annie Héquet, President of the Food Bank of Vienne

Donations are welcome

In this context and while waiting for the big national collection on the last weekend of November, the Food Bank calls for donations from companies and individuals. If you want to help the association’s national platform, you can go to This site and do it online. You can also send a donation directly to the Food Bank in Poitiers, 185 avenue du 8 mai 1945.
Each year, the Vienne food bank distributes 1,300 tonnes of food to 58 social grocery stores and social centers in Vienne, which represents around 200 meals for each of the beneficiaries.

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