Stock market crash: our answers to four frequently asked questions

Revenue advice in this crisis period. (© CDC / Dr. F. Murphy / Public domain / Shutterstock

What will become of my PEA if my bank goes bankrupt? Should we sell our shares, keep or strengthen? Does it make sense to invest in trackers today? How to anticipate the end of the crisis? Responses from Revenu to four questions often asked for ten days in the context of a sharp fall in the stock market.

“Knowing that I have a PEA, what would happen if my bank went bankrupt?”

In the event of bankruptcy, you should find your little ones. The PEA consists of a cash account and a securities account. The cash shown in the cash account is covered by the Deposit Guarantee Fund up to 100,000 euros per person and per bank.

The titles cannot disappear. Your broker does not own your stocks, bonds, Sicavs, trackers.

If they fail, they should be returned to you. If ever this were not the case, there is a securities guarantee managed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund, with a maximum compensation of 70,000 euros per client and per establishment.

The title guarantee also covers the financial instruments which appear on a PEE or Perco.

“My portfolio is made up of more than 90% of CAC 40 values. Do you advise me to sell, keep or strengthen now?”

You can start buying wisely, depending on your investor profile and the number of years you can block your money.

But the composition of your portfolio must be reviewed. French and eurozone equities weigh more than 90%, that’s too much!

The objective must be to move towards a balanced income allocation (The