Burkina Faso: after a suspension, the Ceni resumes the proclamation of the results

After a day of suspension, the Independent National Electoral Commission decided to resume the publication of the results jointly by municipality. A decision taken in the absence of the five opposition commissioners who suspended their participation in the proceedings. In question: the way in which the compilation takes place at the level of the municipal centers. With our special correspondent in Ouagadougou, Carine Frenk In a statement to the press, Newton Ahmed Barry, the president of the Ceni, explained himself. On Monday, the Commission noted that some municipal compilation centers, CCCR, had not done the manual compilation, as provided by law, limiting themselves to so-called electronic compilation, via software. The Ceni therefore asked them to do so as quickly as possible and thus be able to report the results from these manual compilations to the national level. “This is how we unanimously began to proclaim the first results of the municipalities. According to Newton Ahmed Barry, the five opposition commissioners then called for the proclamation to be suspended until these manual compilations reach the Ceni. What the latter finally did Monday afternoon. But for Newton Ahmed Barry, 24 hours later, that is to say this Tuesday afternoon, it was necessary to move forward: “As I speak to you, our five comrades do not still haven’t returned. It turns out that we are also bound by the deadlines and therefore the 10 commissioners here present have decided to resume exams, validate and publish the results. The Election Commission has seven days to announce provisional results. They must then be validated by the Constitutional Council.