[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] Launched in 2019, PRISMEA is a professional neo-bank that has taken on the challenge of reviewing the approach of traditional banking by bringing it more digitalization and technologies while maintaining proximity to the customer and expertise. Indeed, born of the digital boom, neo-banks are revolutionizing the banking system by providing their customers with innovative services. But concretely, what does PRISMEA offer? What is the difference between this neo-bank and a traditional bank? Answers with Stéphanie Biron and Dorian Cauvas, its two founders.

PRISMEA: offer and services

PRISMEA is a neo-bank aimed at helping Small and Medium-sized Enterprises to optimize and simplify their daily life. ” We are the financial coach who will support entrepreneurs in managing their daily cash flow », Explains Stéphanie Biron. Indeed, ” PRISMEA provides businesses with a professional account that allows them to manage their various operations independently. In addition to the banking aspect, we have also developed various tools around data analysis to offer our clients forecasting and cash management solutions.e ”, she adds.

Moreover, more than just a neo-bank operating online and relying solely on its digital technologies, ” PRISMEA is a subsidiary of Crédit du Nord and relies on a network of 8 regional banks made up of 780 branches. It therefore has a strong regional footing and provides digital solutions that help entrepreneurs in their daily lives. », Specifies Dorian Cauvas. ” We therefore combine the agility of a neo-bank with the proximity and expertise of a large regional bank, to the delight of our customers », He adds.

PRISMEA and traditional bank: what’s the difference?

Our main difference is in our agility and our intuitive and simple customer journeys. We have, in fact, worked a lot on our interfaces to allow customers to open an account in less than 10 minutes via their mobile application », Confides Stéphanie Biron.

Working with Small and Medium Enterprises rooted in their territory and who wish to have a digital solution combining proximity and expertise, ” we give them the possibility of being supported through our network of regional banks and of having access to premium customer service tailored to their needs », Specifies Dorian Cauvas

In short, PRISMEA is a simple and intuitive interface, advice on cash management and optimization, proximity to a contact person who can be reached on extended ranges as well as simple and transparent pricing allowing the entrepreneur to project over a year in terms of bank charges.




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