Banks of the Seine, heights of Montmartre, rue Mouffetard: it will no longer be possible to stroll with your face uncovered in certain tourist areas and main shopping streets of the French capital, and certain towns in Ile-de-France.

Scheduled for a renewable period of one month, the obligation to wear a mask outside in these areas should, according to health authorities, stop a rebound of the virus which raises fears of a second wave of potentially devastating effects for the French economy.

The task, however, promises to be delicate in view of the scenes observed over the past 48 hours in several European countries, stunned by temperatures exceeding 35 ° C, where many summer visitors have ignored the recommended health measures.

By making the wearing of a mask compulsory, Paris is following in the footsteps of other French cities such as Nice, Marseille or Lille, but also other countries such as the region of Madrid in Spain, Belgium or even Romania which since the end of July have strengthened their health measures.

Monday will also be marked by the reopening of restaurants, cinemas and public transport in Pakistan and by the start of the school year in Berlin, where students and teachers will have to wear the mask, with the exception of classrooms and playgrounds.

In the United States, where the debate around the issue of wearing a mask continues to rage and divide Americans and politicians three months before the presidential election, the epidemic continues its murderous progression.

162,000 dead in the United States

According to the count from Johns Hopkins University, which is the benchmark, the world’s leading economic power is by far the most affected with more than 162,000 deaths and on Sunday crossed the threshold of five million official cases of contamination.

In Brazil, the second most affected country in the world, the threshold of 100,000 deaths was passed on Sunday, triggering on the networks […]

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