Over-indebtedness: Banque de France ready to absorb an increase in procedures

Are you in a difficult financial situation? Are you no longer able to pay your water and electricity bills or repay your monthly loan payments? Or do you expect to encounter serious difficulties in the coming months? In these circumstances, you may need to file an over-indebtedness file with the Banque de France. A procedure that does not stop, despite the current health crisis.

The partial layoff of several hundred thousand employees, as well as the end of numerous temporary contracts, could raise fears in the coming months of an increase in over-indebtedness files. While in recent years the figure has been falling. According to the Banque de France, 2019 was the eighth consecutive year of decline with nearly 81,000 new debt situations. “For the moment, we cannot say that there will be an increase in requests, if the case arises, our teams will be able to manage it,” said the institution.

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Currently, as before, if your file is deemed admissible, you will be offered a financial recovery plan to get your head out of the water. A procedure that you can still start today, even if many procedures are slowed down. “The physical reception in a branch is no longer guaranteed but on the other hand, the procedures can be done by correspondence”, specifies the Banque de France. The institution details the technical details for those who would need to send a dossier in the coming weeks. You will first upload the file on the Internet, print and imperatively send it by post to this address: TSA 41217- 75035 Paris Cedex 01.

However, try to anticipate your request as much as possible, as it is possible that information transmissions may take longer than expected. “We are doing everything in our power to provide a solution to over-indebtedness situations as quickly as possible, both for current files and for future requests,” says the Banque de France. Even if the over-indebtedness commissions charged with studying the files are maintained, the time between the filing of a file and the implementation of the first measures could be lengthened. If this situation persists, emergency measures will be treated as a priority, to allow highly indebted households to breathe. The filing of a request for a file of over-indebtedness can be accompanied by the suspension, for 24 months, of attachment of wages, the time to find solutions to get out of over-indebtedness. These arrangements should be made within the usual time limits.