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“Our stocks are at zero!”

Very busy during the health crisis, the Charente-Maritime Food Bank is organizing its last chance collection this weekend. The aim is to replenish stocks, which are now close to zero.

It is a real cry of distress that launches the Food Bank of Charente-Maritime. Throughout the weekend, nearly 800 volunteers are present in a large number of stores to collect donations. On the front line during the Covid-19 epidemic, the situation of the association is today critical.

We were welded during confinement. Many students, retirees, women with children turned to us because they had no choice. Today our stocks are at zero and there are fears of having to close the grocery store.

Robert Gaillard, President of the Food Bank 17

“For the moment the collection is disappointing”

These three days of collection are therefore crucial for the association. With an empty warehouse and a growing number of beneficiaries, it is impossible to solve the equation. Despite the various calls for help, there are not enough donations.

For the moment, the collection is disappointing. Yesterday, out of all the stores where we were present, we collected 3.5 tonnes of food. It’s three times less than usual. It is really sad to see that this period does not lead to taking into account 10,000 needy people in the department.

Robert Gaillard, President of the Food Bank 17

The warehouse of Food Bank 17 is now almost empty.

The warehouse of Food Bank 17 is now almost empty.

© Sophie Wahl – France Télévisions

Usually, this regional collection allows the Food Bank to harvest 80 tonnes of food. A figure that the association is not yet ready to reach. If the weekend donations are not enough, the food distributed could be cut in half in the coming weeks.

“We heard” I’m hungry “during this mess.”

Rice, pasta, cassoulet, ravioli, the smallest tin can counts for the Food Bank. In the field, volunteers inform donors. No need to give big brand products, today the association needs quantity. Faced with the indifference of some, the president of the Food Bank calls out.

We heard “I’m hungry” during this mess. There is a real abandonment of people in difficulty in favor of a certain comfort. Many people criticize us for organizing this collection at the end of the month, during an election period and before the holidays, but what must be understood is that we have no choice!

Robert Gaillard, President of the Food Bank 17

Each month, the food bank provides 120,000 meals in the department of Charente Maritime alone.