Nicolas Pereira and his Sustainable Pact rally Nicolas Florian

To be the guarantor of the ecological and climatic transition of the city of Bordeaux: this is Nicolas Pereira’s ambition during the next mandate 2020-2026. This 28-year-old entrepreneur, who already has several hats including that of the leader of the startup Solylend, presented in October 2019 a “Sustainable Bordeaux Pact” comprising around thirty proposals. Objective: submit it to all candidates and commit to whoever undertakes to implement it at least 80%.

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“Make environmental matters prevail”

Result of the races: only Nicolas Florian, the outgoing mayor (LR, Modem, UDI, Agir and PR) decided to ratify it 100%. What convince Nicolas Pereira to join him while negotiating both a prominent place in the future list and guarantees on the effective realization of the pact.

“I decided to get involved with Nicolas Florian because I received commitments on the implementation of this pact which I will pilot and which I will personally monitor and evaluate,” said La Nicolas grandstand

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