Every Thursday, for eight weeks, the government spokesperson has been on the move. That Thursday, in a restaurant in Renaison, a town of 3,000 souls in Auvergne, he was seated with some elected officials from the region. He sets the tone for the conversation: “I would like it to be a conversation with broken sticks on France relaunch: I am coming to teach, but also to collect your observations and your fears on the application of the 74 measures of the plan”, he indicates.

The central state, overwhelmed by the crisis, has chained up the reshuffle, and must pick up the pieces with the territories. Since the summer, the rebellion has been rumbling among local elected officials, who are asking for more decentralization and resources after feeling that they have managed the difficulties of the crisis on their own. “We managed with the means at hand,” recalls Pierre Devedeux, mayor of Saint Alban les Eaux, a small rural town near Roanne. “We were wondering if there was a pilot on the plane.” A poll released in June by the Senate indicated the French wanted.

The discontent was heard among the relatives of the president. “The crisis has shown that our statist organization is running out of steam,” noted the general delegate of La République en Marche (LREM), Stanislas Guerini this summer. “There is a sap which no longer circulates coming from the base with the top of the[…]

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