More than a year after receiving an award in Las Vegas, the innovative and avant-garde Miliboo sofa is on sale on the Fnac and Darty websites.

Did you dream of it? Miliboo did. As of this Friday, the French internet furniture brand is marketing the world’s first connected sofa. “With the Miliboo connected sofa, you can fully control your home,” promises the French start-up. Best of all, the product was designed by a French team and manufactured in a factory in Burgundy. Concretely, what are the functions of this award-winning sofa at CES 2019 in Las Vegas?

Designed to make you experience “a total 4D immersion of your favorite films, music and video games”, this “Smart Sofa” has a seat that transcribes the vibrations of the action seen on the screen. If you’re watching a movie with special effects, be prepared to be amazed. And the ears too. Two built-in 50 watt speakers, Bluetooth 4.0 protocol and sound amplifier make the experience unique.

A price around 3,000 euros

On the home automation side, this 2.0 sofa offers many possibilities such as opening and closing the shutters, turning on the light or even controlling your smart TV using the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants integrated into the armrest.

The Miliboo Connected app allows the user to set the intensity level of the vibrations and speakers or the colors of the LEDs. Is your laptop running out of battery? Recharge it by resting it on the armrest.

Sold for 2,790 euros (starting price), this sofa of the future is only sold on the Fnac and Darty websites. “Our ambition is to respond to new uses, requirements and needs, to simplify the daily lives of users, and to make the connected home a reality accessible to all. We are all the more satisfied that it is designed and manufactured in France ”, explains Guillaume Lachenal, co-founder of Miliboo.