Malus occasions: the worst is avoided

Here are three days, by which a Renault Kadjar with diesel engine 1.5 dCi of 115 horses could see the amount of its ecological penalty going from zero euros (when it is registered new for the first time in France) to 3.125 euros when it is an imported opportunity. The rate of CO2 effectively emitted remains the same (in this case, 138 g / km of CO2 according to the WLTP standard), but the Administration was asked to determine the amount of the penalty according to a scale more penalizing in the case of importing an opportunity.

The Administration distinguished imported occasions according to their certification standard to apply a more expensive penalty

A certain normality should therefore return to the second-hand car market, which imports a good number of recent cars from neighboring countries. Their margin would have been seriously eroded by substantial penalties, if taxation on the basis of fiscal power had been maintained. Recall that from 8 CV to 9 CV, the scale pushes the penalty increases to 6,250 euros; from 10 CV to 11 CV, it climbs to 9,375 euros. And so on up to 20,000 euros for cars over 20 CV of fiscal power.

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