Nothing stops Apple. Even virtual, the apple firm has just held its traditional back-to-school conference. But the global pandemic will still have an impact on the event. No iPhone 12, the first with 5G, on the menu of festivities according to the noise of the corridors. Sign of the company’s shift towards connected objects, it will be two new connected watches, Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch SE, which held the upper hand, along with a new iPad Air 4 and a refresh. from the iPad. Compact, it only lasted an hour, rather short compared to its usual.

If we could fear a negative effect on Apple sales of the pandemic, the results speak for themselves for the firm of the late Steve Jobs. The group’s latest quarterly results, presented in June, turned out to be better than expected. And the company is breaking record after financial record. The group was the first American company to cross the threshold of $ 2,000 billion in market capitalization. Apple shares have soared since the start of the year, up nearly 54%, against a gain of 22% for the Nasdaq.

Apple Fitness + and Apple One

Apple has certainly presented 4 new[…]

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