Less generous partial unemployment in June

From June 1, France will reduce its compensation rate, which will approach that of its European neighbors.

Berlin rapprochement

This move will bring us closer to Germany, less affected by the pandemic and where the economy has continued to turn. Suddenly, the state was less protective: employees are compensated at 60% of their net salary with a ceiling of 2,891 euros per month. The measure affects 10 million people, or one in four employees. Same low flow in Italy, the first epicenter of the coronavirus in Europe, where 23% of the active population is concerned, but with unfavorable compensation conditions: a wage replacement rate of 80%, but a ceiling of only 1,400 euros per month.

There remains the unprecedented case of the United Kingdom, where Prime Minister Boris Johnson has decided to go out of business: the British receive 80% of their salary and businesses are reimbursed at 80%. Still entangled in the sanita crisis (…)

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