In the news: Donald Trump authorizes the process of transfer of power to Joe Biden

It’s a Washington Post sigh of relief: “Trump is giving in, and letting the transition process run its course.” Explanation: “He risked isolating himself within his own party, as, after a succession of legal defeats, more and more Republican officials recognize Biden as president-elect.” But the Washington Post notes that “for all that”, the outgoing president, him, “does not recognize the victory of the elected president Joe Biden”. In fact, decrypts an adviser to the outgoing president questioned by the newspaper: “In fact, there, he has just conceded victory. Concession level, you will probably not have more … “A” Czar “for a” historic “team Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s team is clarified, with” historic “choices, recognizes the very Trumpian New York Post: “Alejandro Mayorkas will be the first Latino to head the Department of Internal Security, and Avril Haines will be the first woman to head National Intelligence.” Same remark in the New York Times, which also underlines that “former Secretary of State John Kerry will be the” Czar “of the climate file”, which according to the newspaper underlines “the involvement of the new administration in the fight against climate change ”. On the New York Post side, no “Tzar” but a simple “envoy”, and for good reason: the newspaper paints a vitriolic portrait of John Kerry, asserting that between his jet and his yacht he is “responsible for enormous emissions ”, and that by choosing it John Kerry actually wants“ someone who will look like he’s trying a lot, but ultimately getting nowhere ”. The Boston Globe uses the word “Tzar” … He recalls that the former senator “negotiated the Paris climate agreement”, and headlines on a “historic commitment”, since John Kerry becomes “the first person to have a post entirely dedicated to this file “. Known officials The New York Times notes that” the teams that emerge – diplomacy, intelligence, economy – bring together a group of former officials of the Obama administration “, who in some cases” have had a close relationship with Mr. Biden for years ”. “Biden is turning to familiar faces to face a changing world,” seems to regret Politico, who questioned Gérard Araud, former French ambassador to the United States: “you have people who are competent, but competent to the implementation of policies, there is a big step ”. And the diplomat asks, “Are they going to maintain the status quo, go back or be creative?” “For the Washington Post, these choices of Joe Biden show that the objective of the elected president is to” go back in large part on what Donald Trump did, since these people have put in place policies that Donald Trump rejected, denigrated , and used to allow his coming to power: their fight for the establishment of trade agreements, international treaties, for the intervention of the American army abroad ”… However, reports the newspaper, some have acknowledged that Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 “made them question what they believed in”, and “hinted that they would not slip into their positions so easily the last time around. that they were in power. ”The police chief sacked in Peru Cesar Cervantes Cardenas becomes the new police chief, after the violence that left two dead in Lima, ten days ago, during the demonstrations against the impeachment of the popular president Vizcarra. New president Francisco Sagasti has also ousted 15 generals and three lieutenant-generals, La República lists them. Correo notes that in announcing the name of the new police chief, the current president of Peru – the third in ten days – indicated that he was setting up “a commission to modernize the police in order to defend the rights of citizens. “. And also, notes La República, “that he will have no rest before the identification of those responsible for the death” of the two people “gone out to demonstrate peacefully” … For his part, El Comercio reports the intervention of Daniel Olivares , of the Partido Morado, the centrist party: he regrets that Daniel Merino, who was president at the time of the facts, did not assume “responsibility for his actions” this Sunday, in his first intervention since his resignation: “it is he who headed the government during the few days when there was an escalation of clashes with citizens. What is expected first of a former President of Congress who wants to become President of the Republic, is that he collaborates with the investigators. ”In Argentina, a quota of transvestites, transsexuals and transgendered in the army. represent 1% of the personnel specifies Infobae, which notes that the “commanders, directors and chiefs” of the army were asked to “inform about the existing situation” to make a diagnosis – but notes the newspaper, “It is not known if the same request was made to the air force and the navy.” Telefe Noticias reports the words of an anonymous source within the Ministry of Defense – she indicates that if this subject has already discussed in the past, “this is the first time that a concrete message has arrived”. Still according to this source, “90% of people are against it, but we will have to put the decree into execution”. A decree issued on September 4 by the government of Peronist President Alberto Fernandez, recalls Infobae, who notes that the army now has less than a week, until November 30, to implement it.