In the storm, the CCI economic vigils

Unfortunately, this is not the first economic storm they have experienced. Floods, port crises, yellow vests … At each opinion of bad grain, they are, like a beacon, unshakable, standing in the rough sea. Roc in adversity, they are the ones to which, quite naturally, we turn. We ? Business and the state.

As soon as the first tensions linked to the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 appeared, they took out heavy artillery: telephone number to inquire, investigation to probe where the difficulties lie, mobilization of hard cash to relieve the cash flow and the worries of VSE SMEs. Is the crisis there? So are the CCIs.

In Nice, as of the announcements of postponement of major events for the territory – MIPIM in the first place – the Riviera consular chamber launched an investigation to determine where the first difficulties were located. Same reason, same approach in the Var to go probing as close to the ground. In Marseille, a crisis meeting was conducted in the prefecture with the consular chamber and the multiple economic players specializing in support for businesses. And ultimately, it is the CCIs, each on its territory, which have been designated captains of the boat thanks to the one-stop shop which, as usual, makes it the single and central point of contact. Essential.

Validated experience

This centrality is confirmed by the constitution of the emergency fund of 8 M € made by the CCI Nice Côte d’Azur. Which has brought together around it the different communities of the Alpes-Maritimes – Metropolis Nice Côte d’Azur, Department and communities of agglomerations – becoming, of course, the conductor of the whole. In Marseille, the creation of a platform allowing open businesses in the context of confinement to be geolocated allows them to acquire

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