“In the next world, we will have to understand the importance of research” (Philippe Berta)

“We have indeed observed a relocation, but which is not specific to France, of major accounts in the pharmaceutical industry, in particular a relocation of active pharmaceutical ingredients mainly in China and the establishment of finalized production of drugs in India. However, the conditions for the production of these drugs in Indian factories have been brought to light, as well as the organization of ancillary production of drugs outside of any quality control, which are dumped on networks and sold on the Internet. There are shortages of drug supplies because the pharmaceutical industries have the same suppliers in China and India and as long as there is a technical or qualitative problem on the chain, it is interrupted. However, France is rarely a priority because it is not considered to be a good payer … Following a parliamentary report from the Senate and a report from the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines, I took up this question by asking if it It was not time to think about a national or European policy of relocation of the production of drugs, because it is a strategic issue in terms of national sovereignty when it comes to drugs of major therapeutic interest. “

“An issue is regularly raised at the Strategic Council for the Health Industries: in France we do not have the means to produce the therapeutics of tomorrow, that is to say antibodies, vaccines, gene therapies, cell therapies, CAR- Tcell (new form of immunotherapy,

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