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In Texas, thousands of motorists line up outside the food bank
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The health and economic crisis has left thousands of Texans vulnerable. Last weekend, a line of cars stretched out of sight in front of the Dallas food bank. So many people who can no longer eat properly on their own and who have come to ask for help, as reported CNN.

In total, the Food Bank of North Texas (NTFB) distributed about 272,000 kilograms of food to 25,000 people on Saturday, according to its spokesperson Anna Kurian. The volunteers had settled down on the road, with large boxes full of food to distribute food efficiently and meet the incredible demand, like in a driveway. Over 7,000 turkeys were also distributed for Thanksgiving. 17 times more people than normal came ask for food, specify New York Post.

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A state very affected by the coronavirus

The health crisis is hitting the state of Texas hard: it is the first US state to have exceeded one million cases of coronavirus. The food bank is a testament to undue insecurity. “4% of the people who came to collect food had never used our services before,” says Anna Kurian.

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“It’s really great, and I thank God for allowing me to be in this line this morning,” said a Texan interviewed by CNN. Another admits having lost her job due to the crisis. In another car, a woman even waited all night there to make sure she was served, the New York Post reports. Since mid-March, volunteers from this food bank have donated 32 million tonnes of food.