Online banks are known to be generous when it comes to opening an account. In November, most of them abolished their welcome bonus: Monabanq, Hello bank !, Orange Bank or ING withdrew their bonus for new customers. Only Boursorama Banque continues to generously offer a premium of € 80.

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Where Boursorama Banque is doing very well is that you can receive this bonus free of charge and without conditions. It is therefore not necessary to justify a certain level of income, and it will not be necessary to pay monthly contributions (account maintenance fees). In the end, you have everything to gain. Beyond this premium, this online bank has also been known to be “the cheapest in France” for 12 years.

How to get the bonus of 80 €?

Once again, Boursorama Banque stands out on the conditions of eligibility for the offer. When other online banks still offered a bonus, they all had a minimum of conditions (minimum income level, regular monthly activity…). At Boursorama Banque, the process is very simple. You just need to open an account and enter the code BRS80 to get this bonus of € 80.

Then, it will be necessary that the file is accepted and that the customer makes a first payment on his account. Once this is done, the bank agrees to pay him the premium, with no further requirements. You should know that Boursorama Banque offers several bank account formulas. If you don’t want to have a condition, then just choose the account that does not have one.

While Boursorama’s standard account requires a minimum of conditions (€ 1,000 in income per month for the Visa Classic card, and € 1,800 for the Visa Premier), there are two other formulas that do not require any monthly income. As it happens, this is the Ultim formula and the basic version Welcome. The first is a direct response to the neobanks’ offer – much more comprehensive. As a bonus, it offers € 80 while no neo-bank offers a bonus.

Why choose the Boursorama Ultim offer?

Today, the Ultim offer is one of the most popular in the Boursorama Banque range. It is a simple formula that meets all the requirements of travelers. That said, it also competes with the standard online banking account. Why ? Because it is free, unconditional and can be used in France. In addition, Ultim customers have access to all of the bank’s products.

In the end, the Ultim card is therefore much more complete and competitive than that of neo-banks. You have absolutely no international costs (neither on withdrawals nor on payments) unlike neo-banks, which break down barriers with a paid monthly subscription. In addition, with the Ultim card, you also have access to the products and services of a traditional bank. Neo-banks focus on a bank card, so you can’t make it a primary establishment.

In recent years, Boursorama Banque has conducted internal surveys to find out the average cost for its customers. It turns out that more than half of them have absolutely no bank charges. At the average level, it was between 10 and 15 €…. per year ! We are therefore very far from traditional network banks, which charge an average of € 200 in annual bank fees.

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