French air traffic could lose 65 million passengers in 2020 (IATA)

While French air transport will be almost closed for two months, the storm that the airlines are going through will cost them dearly. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimates the loss of turnover for the companies operating in France at 12 billion dollars in 2020. A figure which results from the fall of 65 million in the number of passengers transported in the Hexagon compared to last year (179 million passengers, according to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation).

In total for Europe, the crisis could make European companies lose 76 billion dollars in 2020, down 46% compared to 2019. “Such a decline threatens 5.6 million employees and the contribution of air transport to European GDP ($ 378 billion), “says IATA.

Airlines operating in the UK could lose 113.5 million passengers and $ 21.7 billion in sales; those present in Spain, 93.7 million passengers and 13 billion in revenues; those in Italy, 67.7 million travelers and $ 9.5 billion in sales; and those in Germany, 84.4 million passengers and 15 billion in revenue.

IATA seeks state support

To mitigate this plunge, IATA asks States to support the sector, in the form of direct aid, loans, loan guarantees, tax reductions …

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