Will Bitcoin Ever Go Back to $20,000? Cryptocurrency Swing Trading 2018

Will Bitcoin ever go back to $20,000? Let me know your thoughts below!
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28 thoughts on “Will Bitcoin Ever Go Back to $20,000? Cryptocurrency Swing Trading 2018

  1. Paul De La Haye

    We have not seen the bubble yet. A bubble is a point where virtually the whole thing fails and does not recover. IE the end! What we have had with the history of btc is approx 12 jumps in price followed by a consolidation phase and onto the next. Only time will tell when the real bubble comes.

  2. PANTTERA1959

    Joined your chatroom today. It was useless. I expected a video chat with stock watchlist and some coaching. Something like I'm taking ABC at 4.50 with a 10 cent stop,we'll take first parcel at 4.90 then watch to see if it break 5.
    Did I sign up for the wrong offer? Also ask you like 5 questions and got 0 answers.

  3. TiBen Crypto

    Hi Tony, great video as always.
    I am getting started in trading and wanted to learn the basis, do you have any book on Technical Analysis you would suggest?
    Have a great day! 🙂

  4. CryptoBuzz

    Ivan you have general experience in stocks but you lack stronger TA on Crypto. Spend more time trading it as a day trader. The profits are insane, especially now that it's turning around. Don't discourage people with the tax situation. Its like saying you won the lottery but won't pay taxes on your capital gains. It's no different than day trading penny stocks. You profit, then you pay taxes.

  5. Rob Branch

    Thanks for the analysis Tony! Do you have anyone in your chat room trading penny stocks from UK? If so any recommendations as to what platform? I'd like to join your lifetime access but can't use Etrade as it's only US citizens

  6. milo20060

    It is really simple. Bitcoin gets to euphoria and then it drops.
    It is all natural
    Now it's time to grow again
    The bottom was at 6.5k
    <3 and peace.

  7. Amie Padberg

    Great video, I dont bother if the coin will go back to the price it was, because I trade to make more and so far it has been wonderful! I tried a lot of times by myself and failed till I discovered a company that actually trades crypto coins and make profit for there clientele, I have been with them since last year itradeslive.com making over $10000 worth of bitcoin at a time I had close to 2btc in my wallet. I haven't been any happier.


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