Today in Bitcoin (2018-04-23) – MadBitcoins 5 Year Anniversary – Bitcoin $9000 – Goldman Sachs

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‎8908.52 USD / BTC – Average United States Dollar Bitcoin Price

Mayer Multiple (@TIPMayerMultple) | Twitter

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39 thoughts on “Today in Bitcoin (2018-04-23) – MadBitcoins 5 Year Anniversary – Bitcoin $9000 – Goldman Sachs

  1. giorgi gelenidze

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    Good luck!!
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  2. onhiatus

    I sent you $5 worth of BTC.. i'm far from rich, bitch! lol Pls keep doing what you do and pls never limit yourself. Get ya an ETH wallet too. Options are good brotha! 🙂 Cheers to many more years…

  3. Vention1MGTOW

    You've been an icon in Bitcoin for a long time.
    10usd bitcoin donation.
    Man! I wish I got into bitcoin that long ago. I didn't get in till after the big run-up in 2013 and kept buying all through the crash of 2014. If I had gotten some of those 100 dollar bitcoins, or if I hadn't panic sold half my bitcoins (due to Vinny Lingham's fud) back in march of 2017, I'd be retired by now. As it is I can keep turning wrenches for another year and keep socking away btc. Eventually what I need to retire will equal what I have. Then I'll wave goodbye to my fellow mechanics and start my new life.

  4. Carlos Rodriguez

    There's something about your optimism that always makes my day better. Thank you so much for the last year that i've been watching your videos. Sometimes I go back and watch your original Mad BItcoin account. You always knew the genius of the Bitcoin since day 1

  5. M. S. BitEth

    Congratulations, Thom! I still recall the first video you did. Been behind you all these years. I hope we will meet up again, as the millionaires we became! We watched and weathered it all, these past 7 years, and our future is far more golden than the sun. FYI, the man burns in 131 days.


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