The New Ethereum ASIC Miner Is Stupid

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What do you all think of the Bitmain Antminer E3? Are you concerned for GPU mining, in a positive or negative way? Are you going to buy one? Is this something you care about? Let’s chat!

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38 thoughts on “The New Ethereum ASIC Miner Is Stupid

  1. Christopher St.Louis

    They are releasing it because they've been using it for a while and now people know and there will be a fork rendering them useless. This exactly what they did with the cryptonight miner. Monero forked rendering the ASIC useless. Difficulty went down 75% proving that majority of monero hash was ASICs and Bitmain sells used crap. Bitmain is the biggest miner.

  2. krr

    ETH is memory bandwidth limited. It doesn't matter which architecture you use, or even if you use an asic. Not even Nvidia can get around that with their dedicated cards. If you want more efficiency you have to use HBM memory. Doesn't matter if it's connected to a gpu or an asic.

  3. 2000jago

    No matter how you look at it, more miners (GPU's or ASIC's) means LESS profitability.
    More miners in ANY capacity drive difficulty up and means miners of ALL kinds get smaller and smaller slices of the same pie.
    PS, love the way you tagged the outro on just long enough to get the video over 10 mins so it can qualify for ad revenue…

  4. Lazarus Project

    If this is not just a scam we will be swimming in used gpus. And it is not like you buy this and you are all set. If everyone buys this making it the standard you will simply get less coins for the same work. And that leads to the miners having to upgrade every now and then. The big money was in trading the coins for money when its price was high af. Or am I missing something?

  5. Benoit Levesque

    lol Pascal and Vega are not going to be obsolete
    are you expecting a big 100% leap in performance or what ?!
    AT best the next xx80 ti is going to be 30-35% better than the 1080 ti
    The next xx80 will be about on par with the 1080 ti but draw 30-40% less power <- (thats very good)
    My point is that this ASIC is still going to be competitive with the next gen of GPU because of the 800$ price tag.

  6. sepulati0n

    Rx580's are commonly over 400.00 a piece for just the 4gb models right now…6 of those =2400.00 + tax, plus cost of the actual pc and risers, psu etc…so basically its 800.00 vs 3,000.00 …For the same performance…. Im not a fan of Asic, but that's definitely a cost savings vs buying GPUs at current market prices

  7. Jon R. Pejtersen

    Stupid.. Yes! (Thank God!) Normally I hate ASIC sucks since they destroy the mining network (and they compromise decentralization). This I don't think Bitmain will have any succes with this one.

    180 Mh/s = Same as 4x RX Vega 64. These use about 150-160W each @ 44,2Mh/s when tweaked properly + CPU/mobo etc. Still less than 800W from the wall. And that is STILL not really profitable is the current ETH state (with power costs in the higher end).
    Sure.. 2400$ (600$ per card MSRP) BUT the 4 Vega cards have value to do other things (like gaming / deep learning) after the mining stops. One can build 4 awesome Gaming PC's with them next year. Vega 64 will age like fine wine regarding gaming.
    The Asic will be just a paperweight.
    I think ETH is difficult to make an ASIC for, since it is (almost only) memory optimized algo.

  8. Rondo Cat

    It seems GPU mining has gone out of fashion finally 🙂 Now for first time in a long while stores have GTX1080ti and similar at storage and NO ONE is bying them !!! Soon prices on GPUs will drop specially when miners start selling their rigs. ROI on GPU mining is already 2-4 years and the profit have been going down slowly and steadily for months. If you absolutely want to make money on crupto currency trading will make a lot more money much much faster…

  9. Daniel Tiotuico

    hi ufd tech.. i was just wondering… do monero(xmr) have dag file? like ethereum? will all cards be affected by dag file? what coins dont use dag file that we can mine

  10. James Sm

    What happens if this is a big deal and it does put a serious hurt on etherium?

    My money says that the etherium creators do a hard fork and remake ETH into something else that's asic resistant again.

  11. Kirk

    Not to mention, ethereum IS mapped for PROOF of stake in less than a year. That means these things have a life of about 9 months tops. Type in the numbers in any mining calculator = fail. Won't even pay for itself before it's all over. Not to mention daily rising difficulty, which is another profit killer. Bitmain=fail.

  12. jonasakabuk

    Ethereum is so memory heavy that an asic aint helping it much, with sha256 you got all the stuff going inside the processor, you can make a curcuit that calculate that (and this has been done long time agp), but you cant overcome limits in ram speeds with a intrgrated circuit.
    Another example is litecoin, now litecoin is somewhat more 50/50 on the processor and ram, if you were one of those that mined litecoin on gpu's back in the days you might have noticed that it did only put like 25% load on the memory controller, this is why you have not seen any new much faster asic for litecoin since L3/BM1485, as you do with the processor only algorithms, there was a great initial boost from moving the processor cycles to a circuit, but now its limited by the memory speed. You cant think your way out of that one like you can with sha256 x11 etc etc, there you can just come up with a more clever design for the integrated cirguit and boom you have more hashrate.

  13. jonasakabuk

    That being said, what do you think will happend when GDDR6/HBM2 becomes normal and the tons of leftover GDDR5 chips are sold for nothing, THERE you will see the memory hard algorithms get new faster asics.

  14. Sherif Elbishlawi

    I don't get it. $800 for 180MH/s beats any next gen card. Even if by some miracle Nvidia releases a card that has 180MH/s in ETH it won't be less than $800, then you add the cost of building other pc parts. I get that you're mad about this being more efficient than GPUs but you shouldn't let personal feelings affect your judgment.

  15. TheShowThatSUX

    A few points to consider THERE IS A MAINIA CRYPTO BUBBLE right now even after the price crashes. Everyone and their dog wants in. If you are informed and have been here, then you are shaking your head at what these people will toss money at: but the fact is they don't know they will lose money and will CHASE ALMOST ANYTHING CRYPTO. So when you look at that Bitmain releasing this now while those people will buy it is a no-brainer.

  16. Dr Dmd

    Proof of work (POW) coins are fast becoming an ongoing disaster to our planet. Opening our doors to ASIC mining will lead us the way Bitcoin has gone. Centralization and extreme powerconsumption as an ultimate result. Massive enviromental waste. We need to move on and away from POW mining, specifically ASIC mining. Ethereum mining is anyway going over to Proof of stake (POS). POS coins are the future. Usage of cheap laptops and stake your coins to support the network and earn passive income. If you want a much much better alternative to ASIC mining coins (BTC, BCH, ETH etc), check this video out: /watch?v=AXk_8lLFInc


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