How Low WILL Bitcoin ($BTC) Go?

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26 thoughts on “How Low WILL Bitcoin ($BTC) Go?

  1. Joël Cuerrier

    Some people may claim the market cap isn't that relevant, but it obviously is. There is a fix amount of bitcoins, the more fiat money is put in them make them more valuable… once hundreds of billions of dollars is removed from them, it's obvious the value implode.

    So, when will it go back up? Very simple, once more people start buying them instead of selling them in panic, it will rise.

  2. Crypto Apee

    You love bro. You analogies and attitude just attracts me to you. Keep it up! Also, you I just made a TA video on btc feb 06 i believe there will be a bounce. Since we are forming a ziz-zag correction. Also, so much divergence on the 4hr chart. Check out the video if you want! Thx btw keep it up!

  3. anthonycicc

    Great info and insight… be careful if/when BTC does the dead cat bounce… if caught properly, could be great profit, but something people should understand and watch out for

  4. Rami Istwani

    I was part of the Discord group chat then suddenly it disappeared and when I enter the discord link to join again it says that it is either invalid or expired? can someone please help. I was literally in the middle of chatting and I looked back at my phone and the group was gone suddenly

  5. Mike Boyer

    This fellow gentleman is telling the truth here. He does not give any confusing thoughts of the market. He tells it like it is at a medium stand point. I can not remember when I have seen a real analysis like this done on any market. He tells you like it is and is not bias to the upside or down side. He leaves that judgement up to you. This is very helpful and interesting. I really like the indicators….If you ever noticed that your stock channels (TV) will for sure be biased to either the upside and down side as if they can predict the future. They will even tell you the for today the market is going up and then it is going down all in the same sentence. Here all that is avoided which make this guy a true analyst. I see very great future for him and feel lucky we get to see him here for some time more hopefully. So young but comprehensive and smart too. Well Done!


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