Ethereum’s Future Proof-of-Stake Casper Upgrade | What it is and Development Update

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13 thoughts on “Ethereum’s Future Proof-of-Stake Casper Upgrade | What it is and Development Update

  1. CynicalCrypt

    Casper would be big… if they can pull it off. Side note though – in recent lights of SEC pronouncements ETH would then be closer to security in legal terms => potential delistings on US operated exchanges w corresponding price drop…

  2. Dario Dobler

    What i dont get is like; when i explain to my friends that "miners" are sustaining the transaction network – where is this network in PoS?? Can i just stake ETHs in the wallet and the whole network runs off this?!

  3. Krypton

    I heard it was going to need 1000 eh, and rewards unknown but between 4 and 14 percent per year. Heard it on reddit. Important point is you will be able to join a pool, to make up the number.

  4. 690ccKTM

    What..? No "hey guys it's [stupid name] here,, blah blah". Good to see an aussie giving clear and easy to understand updates at a rate I don't have to play at 1.5 playback speed..keep up the great work


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