Will Ethereum overtake Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency industry? Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency and approaching Bitcoin in terms of market cap very quickly. While I don’t personally think ETH will pass BTC in market cap, it is still very possible so we’re gonna go over the possibility and see how likely it is that bitcoin will fall behind ethereum in the future.

Ethereum definitely carries a lot of tech to make it bigger than bitcoin with interesting advantages over BTC such as being a platform for ICOs, having an arguably better dev team, more use cases and many more reasons.

However, Bitcoin also has an edge over Ethereum since it is the face of cryptocurrency and is currently the biggest of all of the cryptocurrencies.

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  1. Wyllhy B

    Hi Sammy. Thank you so much for the bitcoin you sent me. I am just a novice with cryptos and your videos really helped me understand these things. Thank you so much. More blessings to you!

  2. Myles Schepetin

    Flippening 100%. Almost funny to me how so many smart people still think BTC stands a chance of maintaining dominance in the long term. ETH will be next and then something new 8-10 years after that… the cycle will continue. BTC will also do well over that time and serve its role but will 100% be eclipsed by platforms with evolved tech and a much wider range of use cases.

  3. Myles Schepetin

    Regarding Web 3.0, it is not that ETH will "dominate the internet", but it will become a key protocol level tool that will give web developers new tools to change how humans interact and exchange value online. You won't even realize your everyday services online utilize Ethereum, you will just have a better user experience. Think BAT, micropayments, self sovergn identity, no more passwords, users control their own data, etc…

  4. Myles Schepetin

    Ethereum does not completely rely on Vitalik. He is an invaluable asset but the white paper has been published and the project will continue no matter what happens with Vitalik… regarding price predictions who knows but if I were a betting man I would bet 2018 is the year of Ethereum. And thanks for the good video, just wanted to share my view on it!

  5. Ondrey Win

    Recently I came across on the Internet the project under the name TokenGo. It is the platform built on a blockchain, designed to help with business tokenization. I began to investigate, participate in bounty. Now on presale there are good discounts for investors, itself bought tokens about an inventory therefore that I am confident in their growth. The platform is perspective, developers implement a new functionality and counters, the road card is painted until the end of 2019.

  6. Alexander Scott

    Sharding, Raiden, Plasma,… I think the ethereum team in unparalleled. Eth has so much room for growth compared to btc. The flippening could happen, but not too soon.
    btc: 15aG4xhHBpbmSV9tNznmtJ6yMDTaADVfHv
    Cheers Sammy!

  7. Cryptofox

    I think Bitcoin will eventually fully become a store of value (digital gold). With current conditions with their slow transaction times and high fees, most people with turn to Ethereum as a new standard for currency trades. Thanks! 🙂 14azxSyui6N6QRL2KSNTC8h6BecCUt9y67

  8. Supremax67

    Bitcoin is just a prototype, the first of its kind. The reason it moved so much is due to being the first, nothing more.

    They are dozens of coins who does a far better job than Bitcoin, if people believe that Bitcoin will be the currency of the future, then they need a cold shower.

    STOP BEING IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF AND WAKE UP. You are about to lose lots of money in Bitcoin. There are over 1500 coins and Bitcoin has technology that is at least 3 years older than most of those coins out there. If you believe for 1 second that older tech can beat newer tech in the long run? You are sadly mistaken and are probably the owner of cassettes, an horse carriage and VHS.

  9. Jeremy Seagull

    It is worth it so I hope that the Flipening will happend.Tho the supply of ETH is much larger than BTC so it would probably require more time than we expect. Thanx for the vid.



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