Ethereum HACKED?! ERC20 BUG Explained

Ethereum ERC20 BatchOverflow Bug Explained. Binance making more money than Deutsche Bank? 17 million Bitcoin now in existence.

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23 thoughts on “Ethereum HACKED?! ERC20 BUG Explained

  1. thomas luck

    And how could the system handled to the token receiver side that amount of digits what couldn't handle on sender side and didn't deducted from there?isn't weird or I've misunderstood something?

  2. Daniel

    hence why i dont buy tokens. I only buy coins. I cant see why people like ETH if it cant handle crypto kitties. It cant scale enough and i wont invest until it can prove it can do it.

  3. Jefferson Kind

    I think Ethereum is going to implode onto itself. This will effect ALL ERC20 tokens. People laugh, but the issues are beginning to add up. Look how low it dipped in this recent mini crash. There are WAY TOO MANY coins/tokens/projects in the world. Something has to give at some point. This is like the federal reserve creating money out of thin air. This is not the case with BTC, LTC, XMR, Zcash, and some others. It will be interesting to see if EOS or Cardano lives up to the hype of a third generation blockchain. If any of these new projects deliver like their claims are insinuating, then Ethereum will quickly wane.

  4. Myles Schepetin

    Ivan, I'm sorry but your misleading title and unflattering photo of Vitalik are quite insulting. Let your content speak for itself, you are very intelligent and don't need to stoop down to that level. The community would appreciate it.

  5. Lloyd M

    Hi Ivan, That was a good explanation. But how do you now fix it? Isn't the code already written into the blockchain and therefore immutable?


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