21 thoughts on “Ethereum Core Devs Meeting #36 [04/06/18]

  1. Joe P.

    @Piper – on behalf of all the small GPU miners that have collectively maintained a substantial amount of the network traffic on Ethereum, thank you. Thank you for raising this issue and continuing to do so via the EIP on github. I'm confident that with more efforts and communication with the community, a formal consensus to move forward to strengthen ASIC resistance can be achieved.

  2. Jesse Busman

    Guys, the possibility of creating specialized hardware for a specific purpose will always exist.
    There exists no magic fairy dust that will get rid of ASIC's.
    Yes, you can change the algorithm to make them more difficult and more costly to develop and to reduce the advantage they bring, but that will eventually only increase centralization of the specialized hardware manufacturing because of the higher initial investment required.

  3. xabn2001

    Angry!ASICS = Plug-in, illegal software, hacker!Why ETH want support that?No fair!From BTC ,no one can stop it!ETH now!Who is next one?Where can make money ,where can have asic !Angry !

  4. Aslan T

    Yea ethereum will sadly slowly die after this! It's known that their ERC20 tokens are vulnerable and hosting a ton of shit tokens

  5. Mitternacht Angel

    The fake argument of miners… decentralization…. They only want have something to sell if this go wrong. China already makes every small part of every GPU XD ok, lets think about it for a moment, Bitmine is the problem? why not Nvida and AMD? is ridiculous at any level… XD

  6. ken jorgensen

    Fork the ASIC `s before bitmain owns all coins!! .many of us will leave Ethereum if not ,, give it all to china ? % 95 . so many other algos and coins to lean on if not. be wise


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