Bitcoin About To Break $9000. – Altcoins About To Explode!

Bitcoin is battling with 9000 dollars, but I think it will break soon.
Let’s look at it from a technical and fundamental level.
Bitcoin prediction 2018.


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28 thoughts on “Bitcoin About To Break $9000. – Altcoins About To Explode!

  1. Discover Yoga Retreats

    I think, after your earlier video this week, informing of the similarities to 2014 and the potential crash, it is too early to be releasing such optimistic news, all be it potential. I've watched technical analysis earlier today saying it is pretty much 50/50 and any market maker could swing it one way or the other. For every $100k prediction there are 10 that are far less bullish. I hope it's true but would certainly not bet on this 🙂

  2. Danny van Geloven

    Hi, is it possible to set a arrow up and/or a arrow down alert in tradingview? I tried it but I do not understand how to set the setting… thx in advance. I'm using the free version.

  3. Louie louie

    Thanks for vids. Hey do u think it will all come down after the meeting may 31st? If u look at last years meeting. Everything went up, right after meeting it all came back down cause of everyone selling.

  4. Al DeTrolio

    You say excitedly… "Bitcoin cash went up 83% !!! as you scan your eyes carefully down the list, and then mention a couple of others"….. But……..Cardano went up over 100% from 15 cents to 32… did you mention it… nope. What is the deal with that? I watch TONS of these vids and Cardano seems to be (in a metaphoric sense) the Ron Paul main stream TV coverage clone of youtube cryto. CarPaulo is what I should start calling it. It's invisible to most of the youtube announcers. no love.


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