$7,000 Ethereum Value Prediction! Could ETH Overtake BTC

In this video we explore the Value of ETH and the technology of smart contracts. Could Ethereum Be the next Bitcoin? In this video we explore the possibility of $ETH Taking the Number one spot away from $BTC in the year of 2018! we explore the technology of #ETH and the applications of smart contracts we explore the Cryptocurrency Market and the recent news involving (ETH) And (BTC) The world is adapting to the technology of crypto and block chain technology. Could $7,000 USD Ethereum Value become a reality one day. ALso disclaimer this video is for entertainment purposes only and i encourage everyone to seek your own education in respect to the world of Cryptos. Thank you for watching in the future we will see where these things go personally i have faith in ETH!
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22 thoughts on “$7,000 Ethereum Value Prediction! Could ETH Overtake BTC

  1. SunTrib Fashion

    Hey, I thought of writing you some suggestion from the Philippines.

    Listen to why I did not use a ETH wallet which was so popular and the best wallet. Here is my story:
    I had downloaded Etherium Wallet from the google play store and had opened the account with my email, number and informations and then had sent some BTC to the wallet from my coins.ph wallet. It was fine and I have actually liked the wallet. But then when I have tried to open the same wallet in my desktop, it says to scan the desktop wallets QR code with the mobile wallet QR code scanner. Guess what happen? I could find any option in my mobile wallet to scan the desktop's QR code ! There was no way I could combine the mobile and desktop wallet as there were no options. It gave me a sense that may be one of them were not the right wallet since I am suppose to be able tie these two same wallet which is my one and only Etherium Wallet. It gave me a notion that one of those wallet is a corrupt wallet and some bad thing may take place in the future. So I was concern. And then when I had scanned the computer wallet QR code with another wallet it says that the QR code is wrong. I scanned that address with many other friends Wallet and everywhere it showed that it was a wrong QR code. So, hopefully it will help you to find out why these thing happen. My thought was, probably someone had opened a fake ETH site where I had logged in, but then the wallet had suggested me that site though.

    I think, you should start a totally new wallet and tell all your subscribers to transfer there and stop using the old wallet and specially the desktop wallet. You too should be careful about your X developers. Keep a trust worthy developer who would not be compromised.

    I think, its the right time for ETH to shine in the crypto market as we all like ETH. Make sure that these kinds of hacking does not take place again and again. It may permantly boycott you as the customers will be afraid to use your wallet and so you will not have much investments then.

    Wish good luck to ETH. Hope my story will help you guys figure out the real problem and ETH becomes a great crypto…

  2. Derek Remington

    Everyone stop posting your wallets in comments, no one is going to donate you money for commenting on someone else's video, just pathetic, if you want crypto currency then buy it yourself or mine, don't be a bottom feeder

  3. rohitsrox

    you are looking first generation coin, butcoin or second generation coin, Etherium whereas world moves to third generation coin, Cardano. Cardano is the future

  4. Emma Lane

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  5. Neer Shrestha

    With Bitcoin losing its swag over the time, Ethereum may as well top Bitcoin and overtake No. 1 spot in the near future. But still I will take free BTC 🙂



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