court rules in favor of restaurateur facing Axa

Friday, in a summary judgment, the court ruled in favor of Stéphane Manigold, he announced during a press conference. “Today is a great moment for all the big and small bosses who are suffering, who gave me the energy to fight. Axa put in disproportionate means to annihilate us. We faced a multinational, and we won, “said, tears in his voice, Mr. Manigold.

A standoff that has been going on for weeks

Axa had affirmed that its contracts did not envisage taking in charge a “loss of exploitation at the time of decisions by ministerial decrees consisting in prohibiting in a general way the access to the public to certain establishments to fight against the propagation of a virus”. “The court gave us two and a half months on our gross margin. If the judgment is final, but Axa will undoubtedly appeal, I want to reimburse the state,” he said.

For several weeks, a showdown has opposed hotel-restaurateurs and insurers, the latter opposing a majority of dismissal to requests for coverage of operating losses. Restaurants and[…]

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