Coronavirus: Toulouse food bank calls for donations

Since the containment began on March 17, the food bank has been idling. The majority of partner associations have stopped all activity due to the risk and the high age of the volunteers.
The Toulouse food bank usually helps 35,000 people every week in Haute-Garonne, Ariège and Tarn-et-Garonne. The association, a real logistics platform, provides 95 local associations with food and hygiene products.

Today everything has changed

Last week the food bank was able to recover fresh products from restaurateurs forced to stop their activities with containment. In total, 14 tonnes of fresh products (prepared meals, cheeses, etc.) and 8 tonnes of fruit and vegetables were donated to the Toulouse food bank by restaurants, large companies, school kitchens and institutions.

The Toulouse food bank is sounding the alarm because the beneficiaries of all the partner associations which are closed today received their last food donations a week ago. They are mainly elderly people, students, single-parent families, precarious workers, refugees, migrants and the homeless.

The Toulouse food bank organizes its preparations with a very limited team of volunteers and employees.
We have reduced the workforce for everyone’s safety. And, to protect the most vulnerable, we do not accept the presence of our volunteers over the age of 70 “ specifies the director, Aurélie Racine.

Call for online donations

The situation is now critical in financial matters, since “the food bank is forced to use its own vehicles and to draw on its financial resources to fulfill its mission“, warns the President, Alain Lamarque. She therefore decided to set up a online collection to continue to operate under the most efficient conditions possible.

food bank launches online kitty
food bank launches online kitty

Since Monday March 23, the Toulouse food bank has resumed tours in all the usual donor stores. However, faced with a crisis which is likely to last, stocks will be insufficient. The Food Bank is therefore launching an appeal to institutions and mass distribution companies for dry products: milk, canned food, rice, personal hygiene, diapers and baby jars.