Confinement: charitable food distribution centers victims of burglary

The facts took place during the night of Monday to Tuesday, March 24, 2020. Individuals tried to enter the headquarters of the Moselle Food Bank by forcing entry. “Fortunately, the attempted intrusion was unsuccessful.“explains, in a press release, the Moselle organization, which nevertheless deplores damage to the accesses located at the front and at the rear of the building.

These malicious and malicious individuals unfortunately exist … But they will not stop us in our surge of solidarity!
Etienne Stock, President of the Moselle Food Bank

It’s really appalling“said Etienne Stock.”Unfortunately, there are people who know generosity and mutual aid only to seek to profit from it. These malicious and malicious individuals unfortunately exist. You must know it. But they will not stop us in our surge of solidarity! Because every day hundreds of people and families rely on us and our partner associations to find something to eat.“”New protective measures have recently been implemented (presence detection, video surveillance, etc.)“also specifies the Food Bank,”they have already given good results. Additional protections, both outside and inside the premises, have just been added. They must in particular make it possible to mark immediately and indelibly any intruder, and thus make it possible to locate it in a safe manner and to identify it.“A complaint has been made.

The association, which relies on a pool of 75 to 80 volunteers, serves more than three million meals each year.

The restaurants of the burglarized heart

Tuesday, March 24, 2020, the local Restos du Coeur Marange-Silvange (Moselle), near Rombas, was also the victim of a burglary. Loot cakes, minced steaks and other treats! This is what the volunteers found when they arrived after discovering that the doors had been forced.

The winter campaign had just ended. Twenty volunteers take turns at the Restos du Coeur in Marange-Silvange and help around a hundred families.