Guinea: an international diplomatic mission to defuse tensions

In Guinea, while the Céni has just proclaimed Alpha Condé the winner of the presidential election in the first round with 59.51% of the vote, at least three new people lost their lives in clashes on Saturday, bringing to ten- eight dead the toll of post-election violence since the ballot last Sunday. It could be much heavier, the opposition has counted around 30 victims. Faced with the situation, a “preventive diplomacy mission” is expected in Conakry to try to ease tensions. With our correspondent in Conakry, Carol Valade, and our special correspondent, Charlotte Idrac According to our information, the mission is expected between this Sunday and Tuesday 27 in Conakry. It would be composed of the president of the ECOWAS Commission Jean-Claude Kassi Brou, of Mohamed Ibn Chambas for the United Nations, of the African Union commissioners for political affairs, Cessouma Minata Samate, and of the ECOWAS, General Francis Behanzin In two days, her mission will be to ease tensions while the main opponent Cellou Dalein Diallo, credited with 33.50% of the vote by the Ceni, does not recognize the results of the election he believes he won He denounces the “culpable indifference” on the part of the international community. “The savage repression in Guinea has never been condemned,” he said. The UFDG therefore intends to file an appeal with the Constitutional Court, presenting copies of the minutes in its possession, but without being too delusional, says its leader. The latter therefore calls on the street, supported by the FNDC which calls for new demonstrations on Monday. Three dead on the sidelines of the announcement of the results It is at the people’s palace, placed under high security, that the president of the Commission election declared the victory of Alpha Condé. In the room, supporters of the outgoing president applaud. For them, it is the hoped-for “knockout”. Outside, militants of the RPG Arc-en-Ciel put on their yellow t-shirts and caps, in the colors of the party, but no large gathering. Dansa Kourouma , President of the National Council of Guinean Civil Society Organizations welcomes the smooth running of the election and calls on the opposition to use legal remedies to make their demands heard. Several districts of the capital are deserted, the shops closed, the forces defense and security posted at roundabouts and crossroads.After deadly violence since Monday, the publication of the results was followed by new demonstrations and tensions in the suburbs of Conakry, but also in towns of the interior such as Labé , in Middle Guinea, where Cellou Dalein Diallo obtained the majority according to the Céni. Assessment of this day: three dead, according to the Ministry of Security.