Banque Populaire du Sud puts “data” at the service of its customers

With no less than 560,000 customers, 224,000 members and 240 branches, Banque Populaire du Sud has successfully established itself in southern Occitania, from Perpignan to Nîmes. A regional cooperative bank for which the shift to new innovative digital practices seemed obvious.

We are part of a national banking group, BPCE (Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Épargne, Editor’s note), which is already working on the best possible uses of “data”, digital data. Despite everything, we wanted to take the initiative of a regional approach “Explains Frédéric Mercier.

According to the deputy managing director of Banque Populaire du Sud, this ambitious “data” program revolves around a simple questioning: How to better use the mass of data we have to offer our customers offers and services likely to interest them at the most opportune time for them “.

Targeted Marketing

Analyzing customers’ behavior wisely would thus make it possible to determine whether or not it is the right time to offer certain specific products to customers, such as a mortgage, insurance products, branchless banking services or even an offer. intended for families.

While consumers are saturated with commercial proposals, this targeted marketing seems most relevant for a bank that offers a range of more than 250 different products.

Of course, bank data contains sensitive personal information.

The exploitation of these data is done exclusively in the legitimate interest of the customer. We have a legal and moral responsibility which implies to keep the strictest confidentiality and a very great rigor as for the interpretation of the texts governing the RGPD “Insists Frédéric Mercier.

This innovative program is also an opportunity for the banking establishment to strengthen its relationships with of the major players in the regional ecosystem. Starting with the University of Montpellier, which has just inaugurated its Institute for Data Science (ISDM). Banque Populaire du Sud is one of its private partners, it also applied to finance a doctoral thesis as part of a call for projects from the National Research Agency.

Another collaboration is underway with the University of Perpignan around a major social issue: eco-responsibility.

More resources for advisers

If the data is processed using complex algorithms, there is no question of replacing advisers with robots.

The IT tool and data analysis help collect thousands of information, format it and prioritize it before transmitting it to customer advisers. It is above all a question of giving more resources to our advisers, although they already know their clients very well ”, reassures the Deputy Director General.

These innovative tools will also allow the company, which employs more than 2,000 employees, to anticipate peaks in activity based on the volumes of files to be processed.

And Frédéric Mercier to conclude: “Banking is a profession competitive : the customer is free to choose, we must provide the best service. And it goes through humans! “.

Banque Populaire du Sud is a partner of Lab’Tribune, which takes place this Thursday, February 27 in Montpellier on the theme “Social networks and artificial intelligence: new codes to boost your business”.