The transpartisan appeal was notably signed by Nathalie Appéré (Rennes), Catherine Arenou (Chanteloup-les-Vignes), Christophe Béchu (Angers), Mickaël Delafosse (Montpellier), Christian Estrosi (Nice), Mathieu Hanotin (Saint-Denis) , Michèle Rubirola (Marseille), Eric Piolle (Grenoble) or Mathieu Klein (Nancy).

“In the difficult sanitary period that our country is going through, the fate of our working-class neighborhoods must unite all political leaders,” write the signatories, arguing that “many workers from the first and second line live there, confinement there was difficult to live with and the crisis began to hit their populations with full force “. “It is not admissible to add poverty to poverty, to concentrate the most fragile populations, not to meet equal opportunities for those who need it most”, continue -ils, by stressing that “it is the ambition that (they carry) with all the partners, in the first place the National Agency for the urban renewal (ANRU), for a new program which was usefully increased to 10 billion in 2018 “. “But we must go further,” observe these city officials.

Strong ambition for neighborhoods

If they welcome “the intention announced by the President of the Republic of an additional investment in the ANRU”, they say “regret that this announcement comes at the same time when strong uncertainties weigh on Action Housing, main funder and pillar of the ANRU “.

“How can we display a strong ambition for neighborhoods and housing while threatening one of its main actors and its resources, at the risk of calling into question our projects? Why further weaken the means of social landlords, who are the rare actors of proximity to carry out social innovations for residents? To achieve social diversity, neighborhoods must be transformed, but also housing accessible to all and of quality outside[…]

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