France: the “Avenir lycéen” union affair weakens Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer

A high school union at the minister’s boot? The revelations about the Avenir lycéen union spark an outcry among student unions, who denounce the organization of “state propaganda.” Revelations from the newspaper “Liberation”, which weaken the Minister of National Education Jean-Michel Blanquer, a close friend of President Emmanuel Macron. The Avenir Lycéen union, created two years ago is in fact, according to the newspaper Liberation, “steered” by the Ministry of National Education to serve its interests, and in particular to “thwart the mobilization of high school students” against the reform of the baccaulaureate To attack Jean-Michel Blanquer is to affect President Emmanuel Macron by ricochet. He is indeed one of the president’s favorite ministers and one of the government’s heavyweights. Jean-Michel Blanquer has been Minister of Education since the start of his five-year term, and he is at the heart of the management of the health crisis, which is why part of the left does not miss the opportunity: several deputies propose the creation of a commission of inquiry “on the activity of the Avenir Lycéen union, and on its links with the executive power”. A proposal supported by the group of La France Insoumise, but also by elected Communists and Socialists. For the moment, no reaction within Macronie … But these revelations do not help matters for an ambitious minister, who had narrowly missed a promotion to the Ministry of the Interior during the last reshuffle in July. Jean-Michel Blanquer is also very involved in La République en Marche. The presidential party is considering making him its head of the list for the next regional elections in Ile-de-France.