It is said that travel forms youth. Between misadventures on site and unforeseen expenses, travel abroad (and even in France) can indeed have a lasting impact … Opt for an online bank such as Hello bank! allows you to keep costs down and have your back covered, wherever you are in the world. And even if the current health crisis is now slowing our desires to escape, discover 3 reasons to switch to Hello bank! so you can be ready when travel resumes!

The security of a 2nd account

As the saying goes, don’t put your eggs in one basket. The same goes for your euros and your bank card. Moving, whether you are a real globetrotter or an occasional traveler, the risk of losing your bank card is unfortunately a reality. Besides putting you in a tough spot, a lost or stolen card can seriously ruin the rest of your vacation. This is one of the reasons that motivate many travelers to create a second bank account with an online bank in order to obtain a second card!

By opening an account with Hello bank !, the BNP Paribas online bank, you have the choice between two offers: Hello One and Hello Prime. The first is 100% free and the other offers “premium” services and guarantees. In addition to offering 2 cards (one physical and one virtual), this second offer allows you in particular – after opposition – to receive assistance in the event of a lost or stolen card, in the form of a cash advance and / or ‘dispatch of a new temporary card within 72 hours, regardless of the country you are in.

No charges abroad!

Payments and withdrawals abroad often rhyme with excessively high bank charges. Well, that was before! The great advantage of new banks is precisely the fact that many international banking transactions are free, which traditional banks do not necessarily offer. Hello One and Hello Prime allow you to make all your Visa Card payments without paying any fees.

While Hello One also gives you the possibility of withdrawing cash free of charge from BNP Paribas branches and its international subsidiaries, the Hello Prime offer guarantees free fees for bank withdrawals, anywhere in the world.

Assistance wherever you are

On vacation, anything can happen. The best, like the worst. The important thing is to be prepared under all circumstances. Is your trip canceled? Is your suitcase damaged, or worse, stolen? Free for the first 3 months, the Hello Prime offer at € 5 per month provides you with numerous guarantees related to your trips in France and abroad.

In the event of health problems on site, the Hello Prime offer also includes medical assistance, and also covers your medical expenses and other reimbursements. Finally, this includes third-party liability insurance abroad, death or disability. Finally, in the event of an emergency, customers have priority access to the Hello Team to get a response as quickly as possible.

Hello One or Hello Prime? Subscribe today to one of the two Hello bank offers! and benefit from a free Visa Card as well as many advantages!

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In partnership with Hello bank!